Internet of Things: Danalto Go Offshore @ SmartBay Test Site


Internet of Things: Danalto Go Offshore @ SmartBay Test Site

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The Internet of things (IoT) is one of the latest crazes in modern technology. This revolution involves connectivity of everyday objects to the internet and each other, creating a network for collecting and sharing data about the way the objects are used and the environment around them.

Dublin based company, Danalto, deliver innovative flexible, reliable and low-cost solutions that make large scale IoT more accessible to companies, helping them digitise and transform.  Employing the company’s universal software suite for sustainable IoT – CardinalTM - Danalto is enabling the next generation of IoT operators to release the potential of the Internet of Things for their business. CardinalTM provides a rich suite of connectivity, device and data services for reliable, sustainable lifecycle management, including the provision of rich overlay services such as GPS-less geolocation.

Last month Danalto were at the SmartBay Test Site to trial their prototype LoRa2.4 geo location device and services in the marine environment.  This technology was first designed for terrestrial applications, specifically for the mining and large open campus applications in manufacturing and asset management. The LoRa2.4 technology has now been adapted to go offshore and delivers meter level geolocation and navigational accuracies, for a range of asset and safety critical applications that GPS is unable to serve today, due to the high energy consumption, relatively high price and deployment issues.

Danalto Equipment

Danalto equipment deployed on the SmartBay Buoy for trial and validation. Photo Credit: Danalto

Speaking of the Danalto’s trials at the SmartBay Test Site, David McDonald – CEO said

‘’SmartBay provides the ideal setting, expertise and test infrastructure for Danalto to test one of our cutting edge massive IoT geolocation services operating in the 2.4GHz unlicensed band.  The team in Galway have worked closely with us throughout to ensure that we gained maximum value from the testing and gained the necessary insights to assess the potential of our CardinalTM platform and 2.4GHz geo location technology for maritime applications.  It has been a great experience - weather and all!’’.

Speaking of the trials at the SmartBay Test Site, SmartBay Ireland General Manager John Breslin said

This is yet another example of how the SmartBay Test Site in Galway Bay can be utilised by innovators to develop disruptive technologies in real-sea conditions at Irelands Marine and Renewable Energy Test Facility. Testing at SmartBay allows researchers and innovators to prove technologies and progress towards commercialisation, so that Ireland can become a leader of innovation within in the global blue economy”.

This project is one of seven projects awarded under the 2018/2019 National Infrastructure Access Programme funding call.  The National Infrastructure Access Programme is funded by the Marine Institute under the Marine Research Programme with the support of the Irish Government.