SmartBay at H2O Conference 2019


SmartBay at H2O Conference 2019

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Atlantic Canada and Nova Scotia, in particular, is home to a strong cluster of ocean industries and to groundbreaking ocean research. This region is quickly becoming a globally recognised hub of oceans expertise with the potential to be a significant contributor to a number of Global Value Chains associated with the oceans sector, including, but not limited to, Marine Defence, Marine Energy, Marine Observation, Fisheries and Aquaculture Technology, Marine Tourism and Marine Transportation.


The H2O Conference is an ideal event to engage with the ocean technology industry. The conference will include an ocean industry showcase, international delegates, research, development and commercialisation presentations, networking events and the oceans gala dinner. This year’s conference will also include a day of on-water demos at the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE).


The H2O Conference takes place June 5 at COVE and June 6 – June 7 at the Halifax Convention Centre. John Breslin, SmartBay Ireland’s General Manager, has been incited to participate in a panel discussion which will focus on collaboration between Nova Scotia, Canada, and Europe.


Canada’s trade diversification policy, which is a national imperative for the Government of Canada, is about securing more opportunities for Canadian exporters and investors to compete and succeed in thriving and fast-growing global markets and sectors. This session will focus on specific European markets with comments and insights from representatives of Germany, Scotland, Ireland and Norway. It is anticipated that discussions will emphasise the potential opportunities for business and industry, research and development, and joint venture activities and collaborations between these jurisdictions and Nova Scotia, Canada, and ultimately enhance and increase mutual international business activities. Currently, Canada has a Free Trade Agreement with all these jurisdictions under either the Canada-European Free Trade Association (CEFTA) Free Trade Agreement or the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).