Ocean Dialogues 2019: Manifesto


Ocean Dialogues 2019: Manifesto

A compass for policymakers and practitioners from the 2019 Ocean Dialogues.

The Ocean Dialogues Manifesto, released in a draft version – now available online at www.oceandialogues.eu/manifesto – is one of the outcomes of the 2019 Ocean Dialogues organized in Brussels by the Horizon 2020 funded projects MARINA (www.marinaproject.eu) and ResponSEAble (www.responseable.eu) with support from DG RTD in cooperation with IOC-UNESCO and the SEARICA Intergroup of the European Parliament.

Ocean Dialogue Manifesto Graphic


The Ocean Dialogues Manifesto stresses the importance of open access, data sharing, science communication, ocean literacy, responsible research and innovation and co-creation through effective stakeholders’ engagement as key principles for the development of our Ocean Knowledge System. A “forward-looking vision” in building our Ocean Knowledge System is also needed – bringing, in particular, the Youth and Young Professionals at the center of its development process as users of knowledge, providers of knowledge and drivers for change.


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