Resourcecode OceanERAnet Project Kick Off Meeting


Resourcecode OceanERAnet Project Kick Off Meeting

Resourcecode OceanERAnet project kick off meeting takes place over the next two days in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

Led by European Marine Energy Centre EMEC, with the University of Edinburgh, SmartBay Ireland, UCD, IFREMER, OceanDataLab, École Centrale Nantes, See-d and INNOSEA will develop observations, algorithms and procedures for standardized resource assessment in ocean energy testing and development environments.  SmartBay Ireland’s will provide expertise, data to support the development of software and a test user.   The toolbox will enable developers of ocean energy devices and arrays, and their suppliers, to make optimized technical and commercial decisions. The project brings together an international consortium of businesses and test sites supported by established academic partners that seek to increase the competitiveness of wave and tidal energy across Europe.  The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland are the Co-funding agency in Ireland.  Total funging for the project is in excess of  €1.8M of which over €1M is funded directly by OceanERAnet COFUND programme.

Resource Code Kick Off Meeting


OCEANERA-NET COFUND is an initiative involving the Basque Country, Brittany, Ireland, Pays de la Loire, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and Sweden. It is part funded by the European Union under the Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation.  OCEANERA-NET COFUND is a five-year project which started on 1 January 2017. It will run two joint calls for collaborative projects and a range of events and activities designed to encourage collaboration and disseminate project results.

The calls are designed to connect project developers in offshore renewables with innovative supply chain companies and research organisations, to work together to develop and test new solutions for the challenges in bringing ocean energy to the commercial deployment stage. They build on and complement other support at European and national level by encouraging a joined-up approach and sharing of knowledge and expertise.