International WaTERS meet in Taipei, Taiwan


International WaTERS meet in Taipei, Taiwan

The fifth meeting of the International WaTERS (Wave and Tidal Energy Research Sites) will take place in Taipei, Taiwan this September.  John Breslin, SmartBay Ireland General Manager will be on behalf of the SmartBay Test Site, with representatives from the following test sites also expected to attend:

International Waters

• DanWEC (Denmark)
• DMEC (Netherlands)
• HINMREC (Hawaii)
• Nagasaki – AMEC (Japan)
• PLOCAN (Spain)
• SEENEOH (France)
• SEM-REV (France)
• SmartBay (Ireland)
• Wave Hub (UK)

As a global network of open-water test sites, International WaTERS aims to identify common challenges and collaborative opportunities for test centres, enabling knowledge sharing and avoiding needless duplication of effort and resources.

International Wave and Tidal Energy Research Sites (WaTERS) is designed to connect the expertise from a number of knowledge hubs and wider industrial organisations to support the development of multidisciplinary knowledge in the ocean energy sector. This will lead to a demonstration of this technology as an economically feasible and environmentally sound energy resource