Industry Consultation for FORESEA Consortium


Industry Consultation for FORESEA Consortium

The FORESEA project is an Interreg North-West Europe project that aims to bring ocean energy technologies to market by facilitating performance demonstration in real sea conditions. The programme provides access to SEM-REV, EMEC, DMEC and SmartBay with the support of European industry group Ocean Energy Europe.

The consultation
The consultation process will run from the 18th of October until the 15th of November 2017.
Topics covered in a 10-minute online survey format include:
• Overall description of your short to long term testing plan
• General requirements regarding the ideal infrastructure of a test site (e.g.: grid connection, onshore and offshore features)
• General requirements regarding the services provided by a test site (e.g.: legal status of the site, connection to the supply chain, areas of support).
Survey responses will be fully anonymised, and only aggregated data and quantitative analysis will be published. The global findings will be made available via a public domain report.

Benefits of participation

Your feedback will directly inform the development paths that will be considered when building the open ocean test sites investment plans, ensuring that your requirements in terms of infrastructures and service offerings are met. Information about your current and future needs will facilitate long-term open ocean testing to support de-risking of your technology and ultimately your progression towards commercialisation.

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