Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site

Granualie 2018

SmartBay is Ireland’s national marine test and demonstration facility for the development of innovative products and services for the global maritime sector. The test site is located 4.5km east of Spiddal in County Galway approximately 1.5km offshore. The test site is suitable for developers wishing to undertake low-cost sea trials and validation of devices and components at various technology readiness levels.

facilities and support include:

Fully licenced test site for ocean energy devices
Site located 1.5km offshore with water depths ranging from 20m – 25m
Fully characterised wave climate
Comprehensive time-series of weather, wave and current data for the site
Proximity to ports and associated facilities

Data Buoys

Data Buoys

technology platforms

Mobilis DB8000 buoys are currently in use for testing and validating a range of novel sensors and to efficiently gather metocean time series data. The buoys can host a variety of communications protocols to shore including; GPRS, Satellite, VHF, Wimax, GSM, 3G and Wi-Fi. These services allow simple high-speed backhaul connectivity for devices located in, or near the test site.

The buoys 3G HPSA+ communications include download speeds up to 21Mbps, and uploads speeds up to 5.76Mbps, taking advantage of nearby next generation mobile sites.

Buoys can have single, bridle, or multipoint moorings through the hull compartment facilitating diverse and easily adaptable deployment solutions depending on user specific requirements. The data buoys allow for the trial and validation of a variety of sensors and can generate autonomous power including Solar PV and Wind Power harvesting to power multiple sensor payloads

Subsea Observatory

A sub-sea cabled observatory is deployed at the site, and is powered by a hybrid optical/electrical cable. The observatory can provide power to, and receive data from, up to three Ocean Energy devices (1.2kW per device). Several optical and electrical connectivity options are available with a number of permanent sensors and a high definition camera installed for monitoring.
The sub-sea cabled observatory includes:
 A fibre optic data and 400v power cable
 High speed communications via 4 pairs of optical fibres
 A sub-sea cabled sensor platform which hosts a variety of sensors and equipment which can be tested and demonstrated in near real-time.




The cabled observatory hosts the following sensors on a permanent basis:
Conductivity, Temperature and Depth
Dissolved Oxygen
Combined Turbidity and Fluorescence sensor
Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
High frequency hydrophone
Partial pressure of Carbon Dioxide (pCO2)