National Funding Programmes

National Infrastructure Access Programme (NIAP)

The call for applications under the Marine Institute SmartBay National Infrastructure Access Programme (NIAP) is now open. The SmartBay NIAP fund will be made available through the Marine Institute to enable both Academia and Industry and other relevant organisations to access the SmartBay Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site. Applications are invited for projects that require funding to access the facility or it's data feeds to carry out scientific research and/or technology development requiring the test, demonstration and validation of novel sensors, equipment, materials, coatings and data products within the marine environment. The fund is expected to be 150,000 Euro in total and we expect to fund 5 to 8 awards to research teams through a national competitive process, which is open to both academia and industry throughout the Island of Ireland requiring access to the test site and it's data feeds. The Marine Institute SmartBay NIAP aims to promote synergies between companies and academia in their research and development efforts within the marine sector, by facilitating access to the test site and its associated facilities and supports.

Further details on the call are available in the Guidelines for Applicants. Applications must be made through the Marine Institute's online research grant management system (RIMS). Details on how to register on the system are available in the Guidelines for Applicants. The Application and Budget forms are available to download from the grant management system. Please note that you must contact the SmartBay team before submitting your proposal. Interested applicants should contact Rogério Chumbinho to discuss their proposed project. This initial contact will allow the SmartBay team to confirm the technical feasibility of a particular project and will assess the financial feasibility of the project and provide guidance on how to cost the project and before a proposal is submitted. For further information on the application process and the online Grant Management System please contact

Note this funding call is now closed


National Funding Programmes

The main focus of the Prototype Development Fund programme is to stimulate the development and deployment of Ocean Energy (OE) devices and systems. As such, the emphasis is on industry-led projects for the following types of activities:

Industry-led projects to develop and test wave and tidal energy capture devices and systems;

Independent monitoring of projects and technologies

Industry-led research and development (R&D) aimed at the integration of ocean energy into the electricity market and the national electricity grid (and network);

Data monitoring, forecasting, communications and control of OE systems;

Specific industry-led research projects which will be carried out by research centres, third level institutions and centres of excellence with a high level of expertise in the relevant area

Note this funding stream is now closed.


European Funding Programmes

MaRINET2 is a €10.5 million project which includes 39 organisations representing some of the top offshore renewable energy testing facilities in Europe and globally. The project depends on strong international ties across Europe and draws on the expertise and participation of 13 countries.

MARINET2 expands on the success of its predecessor with an even greater number and variety of testing facilities across offshore wind, wave, tidal current, electrical and environmental/cross-cutting sectors. The project not only aims to provide greater access to testing infrastructures across Europe, but also is driven to improve the quality of testing internationally through standardisation of testing and staff exchange programmes.

The MaRINET2 project will run in parallel to the MaREI, UCC coordinated EU H2020 MARINERG-i project which aims to develop a business plan to put this international network of infrastructures on the European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) roadmap.

For more information on Marinet2 funding calls visit the project website:

European Funding Programmes

JERICO-S3 is mainly targeting a more science integrative approach to better observe the coastal ecosystem, raising up the scientific excellence, with consideration of the regional and local ecosystems; the preliminary development of an e-infrastructure in support to scientists and users by offering access to dedicated services; progress on the design of the RI and its strategy for sustainability.

The project is providing Transnational Access to JERICO-S3 Research Infrastructures and Resources for researchers or research teams from academia and industry using EU funded instruments. The call offers funding support for Transnational Access to a number of unique European Coastal Observatories and Calibration Facilities for international research and technology development. The infrastructures available to access include fixed platforms, gliders, cabled observatories, ferryboxes, calibration labs and a range of specialist equipment. The infrastructures provided are pan European, covering all of Europe’s coastal seas from the Arctic to the Mediterranean.

The detailed procedures for the assessment of TA applications, the common rules, FAQs and access conditions to the infrastructures may be accessed on the Jerico RI website. All potential TA applicants are advised to contact the respective facility providers to discuss the facilities available, scheduling, planning and logistics to access the infrastructures and services available through Transnational Access. 

European Funding Programmes

The Ocean DEMO project provides funding to developers of marine renewable technologies to test their products or services in real sea environments. Ocean DEMO specifically targets multi-machine ocean energy installations. This will allow developers to move closer to market by demonstrating their technologies at full commercial scale. 

The transition from single machine to pilot farm scale is critical for the future of the ocean energy sector. Scaling up to multi-device farms will improve the competitiveness of the technology by bringing down costs across the supply chain. This transition comes with higher capital requirements and investors require a proven business case before they get further involved.

Ocean DEMO will ease the transition towards pilot farms by providing free access to Europe’s world leading network of open sea test centres:

  • EMEC – European Marine Energy Centre, UK – Project leader
  • DMEC – Dutch Marine Energy Centre, Netherlands
  • Centrale Nantes/SEM-REV, France
  • SmartBay – Marine and Renewable Energy Test Site, Ireland

Ocean DEMO follows on from the highly successful FORESEA project, which provides free access to open sea test centres for single machine testing. FORESEA has helped prove the tremendous potential of ocean energy, with 19 technologies deployed and more to come this year. 

Industry group Ocean Energy Europe will channel the project’s achievements and learnings to its international network of ocean energy professionals, ensuring broad dissemination across the sector.

For information on Ocean DEMO funding calls visit the project website